Our Philosophy

Promoting your brand should be done in a way that benefits you and your clients. Thats why we created the highest quality lip balm solution that will keep your brand top of mind with every application.

What sets us apart

As a maker and purveyor of lip balm, we develop all of our products under one guiding principle: is it good enough for you to use? We developed our formula to contain only the best natural ingredients with properties that combat dryness and leave you feeling soothed and refreshed. Our blend of waxes, butters and oils is specifically formulated to feel light on your skin and lips, promoting good health and encouraging small changes in the physical well-being of our customers.

Soothing Stacked
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Why lip balm?

A good promotional product should be seen, constantly. You want your customers to have it with them as much as possible and to look at it often to serve as a constant reminder of your brand. Unlike pens, magnets, or even the ordinary business card, lip balm is always at eye level.

It's the perfect product for any activity. Whether hiking, on a walk, at the beach or even just going grocery shopping, your brand will always be in their pockets. No matter the activity or time of year, they'll always be covered.

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Fully customizable

Get recognized with our amazing labels.

We offer a variety of fully customizable or preset label designs. Whether you'd like to design your own label from scratch using our label design tool, use one of our templated designs or have one of our designers create a label for you, you'll be guaranteed a label well-suited to your brand.

All of our labels are 4-colour process printed, which means that no matter what you'd like on them, we'll be able to print them.

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Getting started

Our process is quick and simple. To get started, select the quantity of lip balm you'd like to order, the flavours, the tube colour and lastly choose one of our 3 label design options. Once the label is designed, you will be sent a label to approve. Then your order will be processed and put into manufacturing.

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